About iSpot

iSpot was registered as a business entity in 2019. iSpot (business entity dealing with premium brands of Smart Phones, Laptops, Smart Gadgets and related accessories) which currently operates with retail outlets. The main two retail outlets with state-of art service center are located in Thimphu and the other retail outlets located in the heart of Phuentsholing and Gelephu town. We have been growing over the time as a business entity and also, we as a business entity have been following the direction towards business expansion (both vertically and horizontally) through various integration and partnership model.

We are Apple experts, deeply involved in the community at large. iSpot redefines Apple sales, service repairs and solutions for consumers, businesses and educational institutions. We are dedicated to delivering the best in-store and online experience, offering the complete Apple range along with carefully considered extras you didn’t know you needed.

Like Apple, iSpot is all about inspiration, and our mission is to help you discover it. Whatever stage of the Apple journey you’re at, iSpot is where you need to be.